‘Once Upon a Time’ finale spoilers: Expect a game-changer

There is a twist coming.

When you have a season finale for a show like “Once Upon a Time,” there’s really only one kind of episode you can have — one that potentially ends up changing the course of what an entire show can be.

In a new interview with TVLine, Adam Horowitz (who is one of the executive-producers for the ABC show), explained that there would indeed be a game-changer that happens over the course of the episode involving some of the major characters — and it will create something interesting to explore during season 2:

“How the audience perceives it, we can’t anticipate, but for us it does change the playing field … We like to think what we’re doing is evolving the show so that it remains true to what it’s been this year, but it takes a step forward into something new. And one of our other goals with the finale is that at the end of it you say, ‘What the h–l are they going to do next?'”

As we have already reported, we are going to see the unlikely team of Emma and Regina during the finale, as they each work together to try and revive Henry for the effects caused by the poisoned apple — which he ate intentionally to prove what is really going on to Storybrooke. Also, expect to see both Mr. Gold and August find a way to immerse themselves into this story — and be prepared for some blasts from the show’s past along the way.

What sort of cliffhanger are you expecting to see on the show Sunday night?

Photo: ABC

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