‘The Vampire Diaries’ finale review: Elena chooses [spoiler] — with a twist

Time for the choice.

Has the season finale for “The Vampire Diaries” sunk in yet? If not, don’t worry about it — you’re going to have plenty of time to think it over until season 4 starts up in September.

While there was plenty that happened over the course of this episode, the main thread that flowed through the entire hour was Elena having to make the ultimate choice — would she move forward with Damon, or try to go back to the vampire she always loved in Stefan?

As for what ultimately decided her to make this choice, it all boiled down to this — Alaric went on a manhunt for Klaus’ body, and once he finally found it he plunged a dagger deep into his heart. With that, it looks as though Joseph Morgan’s character is going to be done with the show for good (pending flashbacks) — and it also means that every person Klaus turned during his long life is now at risk. When you remember that Klaus told the Salvatores that they were linked … then you know just how big the stakes were here.

Elena ultimately had a choice when it comes to who she wanted to save, and she ultimately opted to go with Stefan. Why? As the frequent flashbacks in this episode explained, he was the one who was there for her from the very beginning when her parents’ car drove off Rickety Bridge.

However, everything ended up coming full-circle here as Elena — who was in the car with Matt when, in an effort to avoid running over a distraught Rebekah on the road, the car careened again into the water. This time around, Stefan was not there to save her … and no one was. For a while, it genuinely appeared as though Elena was going to be dead and this show would never be the same. The twist? When she was hospitalized early in the episode with the help of Jeremy, Dr. Fell healed her injuries quickly using vampire blood — and while this was an effective tool in killing off Alaric, it also seems as though we have yet another member of the immortal family … which also means that Stefan’s girlfriend will not longer have a much shorter lifespan than he will.

Overall, what was particularly fascinating about the finale was for the first thirty minutes, it was actually more subtle than jam-packed — a tradition started in many ways by the season 2 finale that followed up the arrival of Klaus in Mystic Falls.

Photo: The CW

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