‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Ryan O’Shaughnessy returns after drama

There was more variety than ever.

As strange as it sounds, the entire first half of “Britain’s Got Talent” this week felt a bit like “Revenge of the Nerds.” We had a athletes giving their routine a video game feel, a man playing a musical instrument constructed with lasers, and someone with a pot on their head desperate to impersonate his favorite “Doctor Who” character.

However, things turned a bit less geeky in the second half of the show — and overall, this may have been the best collection of talent yet.

Face Team – What a way to start the show! We generally think that acts who go first have no chance whatsoever at actually staying around. However, we will give this basketball group some credit — not only were they thoroughly entertaining, but they actually brought something new to the table.

The one reason that this group should stay around is that they creative enough to take basketball somewhere new. This whole performance felt like something straight out of “Mega Man 4” with the music, and the geeky child in us couldn’t be happier.

Greig Stewart – We literally don’t know anyone who is fully capable of playing the laser harp, so with that in mind we really think what this guy does is rather fantastic.

We really don’t understand why Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden buzzed this guy — really, the only problem we had with the performance is that he put himself too far back on the stage, and it was hard to really see what he was doing.

Billy George – Why is “BGT” sticking all of their creative acts at the start of the show? These are the acts that we love to see, but they are also the acts with little to no chance of actually getting through to the next round.

We have never seen anything quite like the sort of acrobatics that George can do with a hoop — it’s so bizarre, but at the same time we absolutely love it and worry for his life at the same time.

Martyn Crofts – Exterminate! Really? Basically, the best way the we can describe Martyn’s act is that he must have come up with it at a “Doctor Who” convention somewhere, and possibly through some sort of cruel bet he thought it would be a good idea to audition.

The fact that this was some sort of rap made it even more bizarre — and we agree with Simon Cowell about “Doctor Who” fans here. This guy is ultimately giving the worst impression possible about the show, and they should stay away from the phones.

Callum Oakley – This may be the funniest 16-year old we have ever seen … seriously. The kid came up with some great material, has some smart timing, and it doesn’t hurt that he looks a little bit like Michael Buble meets Rob Kardashian.

We know that comedians usually have a pretty horrible time on these shows, but Callum is worthy of going through, mostly because we want to see what he could come up with next.

Hope Murphy – When Hope started to sing, we were actually pretty prepared not to like her. Why? We’re really just tired of singers making it to the final of all of these shows, since the tendency is to forget about them in a number of weeks after the fact.

However, Hope turned us around with a stirring rendition of one of our favorite songs in Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” — a song that Josh Krajcik also killed on “The X Factor” here in America last year.

Strictly Wheels – The dance duo returned — and while some of the magic was gone in comparison to their first performance, it was still certainly entertaining to watch. (Of course, we already have a ballroom pair in the final, and we don’t

Aquabatique – The ladies did an aquatic routine themed around James Bond, and proved yet again that they are the most innovative dance-themed group left in the competition. Of course, we still do have to beg the question — is there anything else really left to see?

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Remember Ryan? He’s back! The songwriter managed to get out of the Irish version of “The Voice” in order to appear here — while we don’t necessarily love how he went about getting on the show, he may be one of the most creative songwriters we have ever seen on a talent show like this.

Now, we just have to wonder whether or not other talent shows will show more of an affinity for original songs moving forward.

Who was your favorite act? Be sure to respond in the poll below, and as always check back soon for a full recap of the results show.

Photo: ITV

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