NBC’s ‘Community’ preview: New Joel McHale, Alison Brie videos

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Before we get to Thursday night’s new episode of “Community,” we have to say that the stars of the show are doing a pretty fine job at the moment when it comes to getting out there and doing some last-minute press. In the process, we also learned quite a bit about Alison Brie that we never knew beforehand.

On “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” Wednesday night, Brie (or Annie Edison, as you may know her better as) told a pair of stories that were at times funny, and also at times rather surprising that she was bold enough to talk about:

1. Alison worked as a clown before getting her break as an actress, and oftentimes this required her to put on makeup, a giant blonde afro, and spend a great deal of time in Compton sticking out like a sore thumb.

2. Meanwhile, Alison also talked about a recent visit she made to a massage parlor supposedly recommended by her co-star Danny Pudi, which led to one of the most-awkward experiences of her life when the masseuse basically let anyone and everyone have access to the goods.

As for Joel McHale, he visited “Conan” this week and opened up a bit about his relationship with the late-night host, which stems in part from the two having children that are around the same age. Somehow, talk about children quickly turned into a discussion of booze, asparagus, and how Joel’s cooking skills have started to make Conan’s wife jealous that he doesn’t do anything like this around the house.

A new episode of “Community” is set to air on NBC Thursday night — check back soon for a full review!

Photo: NBC

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