NBC’s ‘The Voice’ finale: Tony Lucca saw Christina Aguilera comments coming

Tony came in third place.

Now that “The Voice” is over, now everyone is going to have an opportunity to try and pick up some of the pieces from what ended up being a rather dramatic situation. Tony Lucca came in third place on the season, and there are many suggestions out there that his finish was due in part to an intense feud that started to brew between his coach Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera over the course of the past few weeks. (Aguilera’s own Chris Mann finished in fourth place.)

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter after the show, Lucca admitted that he was not even remotely surprised by Aguilera’s claims that his “99 Problems” performance was “derogatory to women,” mostly because he felt as though her entire critique was orchestrated long beforehand:

“I want to say I saw it coming … She knew what I was singing. I think she was anticipating me actually dropping the ‘B’ bomb — which was in the cards and last minute, was not in the cards. And so, I think she was trying to set it up.

“And I get it … You’re trying to set the stage so that I seem crass and unprofessional and disrespectful. Or not, I’m just glad I don’t have to speculate about this [stuff] anymore.”

The good news for Lucca is that even though he did not end up winning, some of his performances did allow him to show more range as a musician than many ever thought he would show beforehand. Does he have a future as a major recording artist? If nothing else, he has the connections to make it happen even more so than winner Jermaine Paul and runner-up Juliet Simms.

Despite everything that happened to him this season, do you think that Lucca still has a good shot at stardom?

Photo: NBC

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