‘Survivor: One World’ review: Is the post-merge game too predictable?

It's a woman's world.

This week on “Survivor: One World,” we had women talking strategy — and a man wearing women’s clothing in a desperate move to look harmless. But after the episode, was there even a man still standing?

The moment the episode opened to Tarzan acting a fool around camp and telling all the women different things, it was pretty clear that we were going to be losing our self-proclaimed King of the Jungle — and now only Queens remain. The demise of Tarzan, a character who we admittedly loved all season, was largely his own doing. After getting by courtesy of him laying low and not trying to stir the pot, and he made a key error this week — trying. Alicia wanted to get rid of Chelsea, but likely became afraid to pull the trigger on any sort of move once she realized that Tarzan could be pulling a fast one and trying to play everyone to keep himself around longer.

Who is the person who planted the seed that Tarzan is trouble? Yes, it’s Kim yet again. She continues to be the primary force to be reckoned with in this game, and the further we go along here the more and more likely that a victory by her seems to be the only way this show can end properly. With that being said, though, Kim is not making her road to the finale particularly easy. She’s continuing to align with Chelsea, who in our mind is the only person who could theoretically beat her if the jury is bitter enough to give it to someone who didn’t orchestrate their demise. If she goes to the end with Alicia and Christina, she wins in a heartbeat. Otherwise, there could be trouble.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much drama outside of Tarzan’s exit this week that was remotely exciting (including a reward that Kim went on again), and we are seeing yet again the current problem with this show — people are realizing that it’s easy to just find an alliance, run the table with it, and then make a few tough decisions the past few weeks. Unfortunately, that’s not compelling television. “Nicaragua” was the last time we actually saw a post-merge game that was actually madness, and with this in mind it is looking like a better season as the days go by. The editing this time around has also been surprisingly questionable. Why? From the get-go, Kim was a pretty obvious winner, we knew that the alliance of five (even without Kat) was going to dominate, and that Christina would somehow be a major player in all of this. While Kim has emerged as one of the greatest players ever, the lack of drama and surprises here has also led to a post-merge game that is slightly better than “Redemption Island” and “South Pacific,” but worse than pretty much every other season since “All-Stars” came around.

Do you think that “Survivor” does need to shake up the way in which huge alliances form from the get-go and then run the table — even if there are a few changes made along the way? We’ll have an interview with Tarzan up on Thursday afternoon, and we’re also going to be ranking the final five on Friday when it comes to their odds of actually winning this game.

Photo: CBS

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