‘America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion’ review: Someone else quits!

Who left this time?

What is it with this season of “America’s Next Top Model“? If you thought that the tradition of quitting was over with Louise Watts earlier this season … think again.

A big winner – The remaining models were in Hong Kong Wednesday night taking part in the customary challenges, and there were two challenges that added a bit of adventure into the mix.

First, the ladies took part in an action sequence with Nicholas Tse (otherwise known as the Brad Pitt of Hong Kong), and it was pretty apparent here from the get go that Laura LaFrate was going to win because she understood the #1 rule of acting — chemistry wins out. While some of the women accused her of flirting her way to the top, it’s hard to really blame her for doing what she did.

Moving forward, the next challenge was a different sort of danger in bungee-jumping off of a tower — which (to the surprise of no one) Laura also one. Is there anyone who can really beat her at this point? We don’t know, since she has not just the talent but the confidence to pull off a win.

The shocker – For the second time this season, we saw a contestant randomly go home despite not even being the worst on the night. So why did Alisha step away? It’s really hard to say — she really just felt overwhelmed by the experience, and she thought that Eboni Davis (who was the recipient of “worst photo” for the weekend) deserved to be there more than she did.

The problem with this logic? Tyra Banks was going to send Eboni home regardless of what Alisha did, so she really ended up leaving just because she was unhappy — which we really don’t understand once you are so far into the competition and the finish line is on the horizon. There are only three models left now, and Britain still has the 2-1 edge even with Alisha’s exit.

What did you think of this abrupt departure, and do you think it is crazy that this happened so late in the game?

Photo: The CW

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