‘Pretty Little Liars’ fans try to revive Maya for season 3 … using pens?

Fans want "Emaya" back.

One of the greatest things about the TV industry is seeing not only the passion of the fans, but also the rather unique ways in which they often choose to express themselves — especially when it leads to them sending random objects to various networks and/or executives voice their opinions. Usually when this happens, we are talking about when a show has been canceled or is in danger of doing so. (See: the time in which “Jericho” fans sent CBS boxes of nuts in protest of the show ending — and it actually worked!)

However, some fans of “Pretty Little Liars” have found a rather unique way at voicing their dissatisfaction when it comes to voicing their opinion about the sudden death of Maya during the season 2 finale — sending pens to showrunner Marlene King in an effort to get her to rewrite the character back into the script. Specifically (as you can see in the photo to the left — which was posted by King on Twitter), the pens read “We Want Maya Alive & Written Back Into the Script.”

As for whether or not the message ends up working, it’s hard to say — we never technically saw Maya’s body, and it is possible that King has a massive curveball coming for some of the show’s diehard fans. However, several episodes have already been filmed, and King has promised that Emily is going to find love — though she did not say just who this love interest would be.

When it comes to inspired fan campaigns, where do you rank this in betweent he “nuts” incident and “Chuck” fans staging Subway parties in order to get the show a longtime sponsor? Season 3 of “PLL” will begin airing on ABC Family Tuesday, June 5

More pens.

Photos: Twitter / Marlene King

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