‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Aubrey O’Day, Clay Aiken, and Arsenio Hall talk finale

Clay may be a finalist.

The season finale of “The Celebrity Apprentice” is airing on Sunday night, and at the moment there are three people left who could potentially be competing for Donald Trump’s title — Clay Aiken, Aubrey O’Day, and Arsenio Hall. They each have had some various accomplishments over the course of the season, in addition to some fights, dramatic moments, and victories as Project Manager.

On Wednesday, we had a chance to talk with the finalists (along with Trump) briefly in a conference call, and found out a bit about who they would want to work with in a potential finale situation — in addition to one of the most awkward responses ever when it comes to what was at first a pretty innocent question.

Cartermatt.com – If you three could have one person from the season to join you on a final task, who would it be?

Aubrey O’Day – The one person I would want on my team hands-down is Lisa Lampanelli.¬†You know, I [also] would like to have Dayana Mendoza on my team. I got the chance to work with her in the beginning, and I understand her much better after watching this season. I would love the chance to work with her again.

Arsenio Hall – You know who I’d love to have on my team? Penn Jillette. I was a magician as a kid, so Penn and I had a lot of cool things to talk about in our downtime in the van. I would love to work with him because he gives you so much when it comes to specific situations.

Clay Aiken – I agree with Arsenio on Penn, which would probably surprise a good many people. He’s a brilliant mind. Then, I would probably want to arm-wrestle Aubrey for Lisa. I got to work with her in the last few tasks, and I have a great deal of respect for her — she plays the game very well, and very toughly. [And] she is very brilliant, but I may have to fight for her.

Arsenio – By the way, I would also love to work with Paul again — just because you never know when you’re gonna need a motorcycle. (Clay laughs.)

Donald, has there been any one moment this season that you were surprised to see?

Arsenio (who hilariously hijacked the question) – Probably looking [in the hair dryer shoot task] and seeing Aubrey’s nipples.

Clay (laughs) – I can’t believe you…

Aubrey – My nipples weren’t showing! That’s a d–n conspiracy.

Arsenio – Whatever conspiracy Teresa [Giudice] started [by talking about it during the task], I’m about to tag my wagon onto it.

Clay – That was Mr. Trump’s question…

Arsenio – Sorry, I should have done my Trump voice.

Donald – Well, they gave good answers; I think that’s good.

Who are you rooting for to win the title this season? Check back this weekend for a full preview!

Photo: NBC

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