‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Nu Sxool, Brynolf & Ljung stand out

Did anyone prove themselves?

We are starting to near the tail end of the “Britain’s Got Talent” live shows, and with that the rubber is really starting to meet the road. There are already six acts that have moved on to the final round, and by the end of Wednesday night’s results show, there are only going to be three spots open (including the wild card).

Did anyone rise to the occasion, or completely make themselves irrelevant at a bad time? Read on to find out…

Chica Latina – We have a feeling that Chica Latina is really one of the 45 most-talented people in Britain, and with that in mind we have to ask the question — why is she even around at this stage in the competition?

the simple answer is this — Simon Cowell loves his crazy acts that serve as cannon fodder, and it’s possible that we may not have enjoyed watching this show as much had an average dance crew taken the place of a singer who can’t really sing, even though she recruit an army of about a dozen shirtless men for the performance.

Brynolf and Ljung – Whether it is in America or in Britain, we love magicians — but we never really get the opportunity to see any of them win.

When it comes to the prestige of their trick, these two could have been a bit more polished — but with that being said, this was a thoroughly incredible stunt themed all around “Harry Potter.” As for whether or not it is enough to actually get them some votes, that is to be seen — and we’re pretty sad that they went this early in the show.

Malaki Paul – It’s hard to be harsh when it comes to a nine-year old boy who broke down on stage the first time he hit the “BGT” stage, but this was a good rather than great performance. There were some slurred lyrics, a few out-of-key notes, and overall a lack of anything that made him stand out compared to Molly Rainford last night.

There’s no questioning that Malaki is talented, but we’re also not necessarily about overhyping a young singer simply because of his age. We do love his song choice, though, in “No One” by Alicia Keys.

Gatis Kandis – Gatis is weird … but he is also hilarious. This was miles ahead of his original audition, where he was just funny because he was awkward. This time around, he was funny because he was actually funny.

We would actually pay to see this guy live, and we don’t say that about many acts on this show.

The Sugar Dandies – We’re starting to worry about a good many acts getting shunned during this episode. Why? Everyone is at least reasonably good (Chica) excluded. The routine was just as engaging as you would expect from these guys — even if they did end up getting one buzz in the process.

Nu Sxool – What has been interesting watching the live shows this season is seeing the relative discontent for dance troupes by the British public — but Nu Sxool may have a better chance than either Twist & Pulse Dance Company or Four Corners of advancing. Why? They’re kids — you can never underestimate the power of kids to draw in votes!

Beatrix Von Bourbon – It’s always hard to understand why exactly burlesque dancers are put through to the live shows — they are never put through to the final, and the judges usually are uneven about them being there to begin with.

That’s not to say that Beatrix did a bad job — but this is not the sort of thing that plays well on a family show.

Sam Kelly – Lookout — it’s a singer with a guitar! If this was “American Idol,” you could give him the title now.

In giving Sam an actual critique, we think that he did do a pretty great job on stage with an emotional performance. The issue? This show is all about trying to find someone who can be legitimate star, and there’s no way that Sam will be able to fare better after the show than Jai McDowall did last year.

Be Minor – In closing the show, we had a girl group who came out on stage and did their best to show that they can be the next Little Mix. Were they? They were definitely good enough to potentially make it into the finale.

The only mistake the group made here was potentially choosing a song (in “These Boots Were Made for Walking”) that didn’t even work when Jessica Simpson tried to revive it.

Who was your favorite from the show? Be sure and respond in the poll below! (Update: Be sure to read our results show review here!)

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