‘Grey’s Anatomy’ preview: April hits rock bottom; [spoiler] wants out

Will we see someone leave?

With just two episodes left on “Grey’s Anatomy” this season, we are close to finally learning the answer that so many have on their minds at this very moment — what is going to happen with the doctors of Seattle Grace?

For April, we are going to see her starting to quickly unravel during Thursday night’s penultimate episode as a result of failing the boards — even to the point where she starts losing her job offers and spends most of her time dancing around and screaming for someone to blast the music of LMFAO. Meanwhile, Jackson looks on concerned (and possibly jealous that he lacks those kind of moves).

As many already know, though, April is not the only doctor with an uncertain future. For much of this episode, you should expect to see Derek weighing whether or not he can convince Meredith to move with him to Cambridge, as he has a job opening at Harvard for one of the top medical positions in the country.

So why does Meredith want to stay behind? Not only is Lexie still going to be in Seattle, but if Cristina ends up landing her job at Stanford she will only be a two-hour plane ride away. (Of course, Derek argues back in saying that Cristina will be even closer if they move and she chooses to go to Columbia.)

There are two other stories happening when it comes to some of the more permanent fixtures at the hospital. When it comes to Dr. Bailey, she is once again going to allow her personal life to be interfered with by what’s going on at the hospital — and we have to wonder what sort of consequences she is going to face in the process.

Meanwhile, Arizona is also going to still be dealing with the fact that her childhood friend has a form of cancer that has already spread throughout his body — and rather than try and convince him to stay, she bailed for three full days in order to get herself together. By the time she was back in front of her patient, he is ready to take off to enjoy his last few months rather than just sit in a bed and receive treatment.

Photo: ABC

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