‘Fashion Star’ review: And the final three are…

Six become three.

We are just six days away now from the season finale of “Fashion Star,” and on Tuesday night’s new episode the six remaining contestants were shockingly whittled down to three based on the buyers’ decision as to who could carry a complete catalog.

While there were some givens among the finalists (such as that Kara Laricks — who has made a sale every week  since the premiere — would be one of them), there were also some surprises (no Luciana Scarabello). The finalists are…

Kara – At this point, she has to be considered the undisputed favorite. Her clothing is daring, distinct, and has sold in every retailer in the competition.

Ronnie Escalante – The most-likely challenger to Kara, Ronnie has succeeded despite struggling the first few weeks this season. Is he diverse enough to win? He just started moving out of evening wear, so there are still question marks.

Nzimiro Oputa – Nzimiro’s selection into the finale was surprising, mostly in that he did not even make a sale during Tuesday night’s episode. However, he has sold some strong designs in the past, and is really the only designer left with a significant interest in tackling menswear. (With that, there’s a littl something for everyone.)

In addition to seeing Luciana (who we thought was a sure thing) go, this week also marked the end for Orly Shani and Nikki Poulos — two designers who were sort of overlooked by the editors for much of the season.

Out of this final three, who do you think has the best odds of actually winning?

Photo: NBC

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