Fox’s ‘New Girl’ finale review: Someone kisses Nick

Did the moment happen?

There was a surprise during the season finale of “New Girl,” but it was not what you necessarily saw coming. (Of course, don’t read on if you want to avoid spoilers.)

This episode was entirely about Nick’s debate as to whether or not he was going to leave the gang to live with Caroline — though his own insecurities about it led to a random trip into the desert, where we saw everything from keys getting thrown into the horizon to Winston’s fear of the dark getting played out in the scariest way imaginable. In the middle of all this, though, Schmidt decide to “White Fang” Cece and release her back into the world after he realized (via reading her phone) just how uncomfortable he was with the idea of dating someone who spends her works days straddling guys in front of photographers.

As for whether or not Nick ended up moving, let’s just say that it took a frightful encounter with a coyote for him to realize how much he loved living with his roommates — and possibly how much he loves Jess, being that she ended up scaring the coyote away with her ridiculous behavior.

However, these was no romantic moment for these two during the finale — the closest thing to romance we got was Schmidt kissing Nick when he thought that he was moving away for good. The door is nonetheless opening to a Jess / Nick love story in the future, as best exemplified by the random dance number at the end of the episode — which may be the best way to sum up what was an incredible first season. We laughed, we laughed some more, and we realized that Jake Johnson may very well be a future star.

What did you think about this finale, and about the first season as a whole?

Photo: Fox

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