NBC’s ‘The Voice’ finale review: Was Juliet Simms the season 2 winner?

Who's the winner?

The Voice” final has arrived — and yes, it was the most overstuffed finale possible. Over the course of two hours, we saw more performances than we can count, ridiculous packages highlighting bloopers, and Blake Shelton gushing about his love for Adam Levine.

We’re not going to talk about every performance here (even though Justin Bieber got pretty much every member of the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs), but we will at least highlight the ones featuring the contestants past and present.

Jermaine Paul, James Massone, Pip, and Jamar Rogers, “I Want You Back” – Everyone sounded so much better now that the tension of the competition was gone. Jermaine was in his vein, James actually projected, and we were reminded yet again why Jamar should have been in the finale as a wild card.

Chris Mann, Katrina Parker, and Lindsey Pavao, “Bittersweet Symphony” – As great as the first performance was with some former contestants, this one was a bit of symphonic mess. These three voices simply do not mesh — though the problem for Chris is that we’re not entirely sure any of the voices on the show mesh with his.

Naia Kete, Kim Yarbrough, Sera Hill, and Chessa, “Superstitious” – This performance was fun and pretty well-sang, but was Carson Daly exaggerating slightly when he proclaimed that these four were some our “favorites” from the show? They were pretty good, but we had almost forgotten about two of them.

Juliet Simms, Erin Willett, RaeLynn, Jamar Rogers, “With a Little Help From My Friends” – We were a little surprised to see Jamar get two solos — not that we were upset or anything about it.

Tony Lucca and Jordis Unga, “Go Your Own Way” – In what was yet another smart decision by Tony, he went with a single performance partner rather than filling the stage with people to muddle up a performance.

Now, let’s get to the actual placement of the singers — and the mystery of whether or not the celebrity campaigns actually mattered more than the voting from diehard fans. (Juliet was really the only singer who did not have a tweet from someone who had millions upon millions of followers.)

4th Place – Chris Mann, and we’re honestly surprised. While we weren’t sure he would win, we did think we were looking at a likely runner-up.

3rd Place – Tony Lucca. Another surprise, and proof that celebrity endorsements do not necessarily mean anything versus the voice of America. However, he was still pretty great.

2nd Place – Juliet Simms. Stunned? So are we.

Winner – Jermaine Paul. That’s right — despite us thinking that Jermaine was the least-likely of the final four to win, he still managed to rise to the top with a 4% victory over Juliet. Blake Shelton has his first-ever winner!

Do you think that Jermaine was the right person to win, or did America make the wrong choice in your mind? Be sure to answer in the poll below!

Photo: NBC

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