‘Glee’ review: Becky Jackson rules Brittany’s prehistoric prom

Becky wanted to be Prom Queen.

Yes, we do realize that Tuesday night’s new episode of “Glee” was really about prom and how Rachel Berry is recovering from the NYADA tragedy — but can’t we at least give Becky Jackson some props?

After long being one of the most under-appreciated members of the ensemble cast, Becky clearly had a number of the night’s best moments — in between her Sue Sylvester-esque meltdown at the school after not getting a Prom Queen nomination and her later roasting the “anti-prom” Rachel tried to throw for herself, she was the star of this episode. (We also saw the return of Helen Mirren as the voice in her head.)

Finn did … what? – We’re still a bit shocked by Finn this episode — he actually agreed to go to the prom so that he could potentially win alongside Quinn, which Rachel was not happy about in the slightest. The only reason why was even remotely okay with this? Quinn was in her wheelchair and it was likely a sympathy vote — but then, Finn found out that she was planning to accept her victory by standing up and walking on stage for the first time. This caused him to bail on Brittany’s ridiculously-themed dinosaur prom, but once he reunited with Rachel and some of the anti-prom attendees (which included Blaine — who was protesting Brittany’s rules on hair gel) everyone ended up showing up at some point. The final stragglers? Puck and Becky, who tried to hang out at the anti-prom for a while longer playing strip poker — and in the process declare themselves kind and queen of their own little bash complete with cardboard hats.

The Prom King and Queen are… – Finn and Rachel. In a bit of a surprising move, Quinn decided to throw Lea Michele’s character a bone after her tough past few weeks and decide to hand her over the title she so wanted — but was not even nominated for. It was a nice gesture, and a sweet ending following everything that has happened over the past few weeks.

At the end of the day, “Prom-A-Saurus” really was an episode that did not really have much going on. It was a bit like some of the first-season episodes in that it avoided many dark subjects and opted instead on humor, music, character development, and some nice moments leading up to Nationals next week (even some hope for Sam and Mercedes moving forward).

Did you like the old-school vibe of this episode, and that Rachel ended up winning prom?

Photo: Fox

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