NBC’s ‘Smash’ finale first look: Is [spoiler] finally getting fired?

The moment is here.

We have our first look at the season finale for “Smash,” and based on what we are seeing at this very moment, it appears as though we may be seeing the end of someone who has been a thorn in just about everyone’s side.

Yes, that’s right — Eileen is trying to fire Ellis. As for whether or not it sticks, that is to be seen, and we know that the much-maligned evildoer is going to be a part of season 2 in some capacity. Eileen also has to watch her back, since this guy has a proven track record of being tricky to get what he wants.

Outside of this drama, “Bombshell” is finally going to be a go courtesy of an out-of-town tryout in Boston, but there is one question left — who is going to play Marilyn Monroe? Neither Karen nor Ivy at the moment know the decision yet following the departure of Uma Thurman’s Rebecca Duvall, and it may not be known until the very last minute.

We also have to assume this possibility — just because someone loses out on the part in Boston does not mean that they will be donning the famous blonde wig on Broadway.

Do you think Eileen is really going to fire Ellis — and what do you think about this preview as a whole?

Photo: NBC

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