NBC’s ‘The Voice’ finale: Is Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber support okay?

The stars have been out.

When it comes to “The Voice,” there is always plenty to talk about — but on this case, we’re really looking at the whole idea of voting. Is it fair when celebrities get involved to support their coach along with their team? That’s the debate we’ve been having ever since Javier Colon won last season by a small margin over Dia Frampton, and many attributed it to the support of Justin Bieber and other stars.

This year, we’re seeing it all over again. Kim Kardashian and some “Glee” stars are behind former Warbler Chris Mann, Jermaine Paul of course has the support of Kim Kardashian, and both Justin Timberlake and Bieber are each standing behind Tony Lucca. (Meanwhile, Cee Lo Greens and Juliet Simms seem to be getting the shaft.)

If Juliet — who went into the finale as the favorite — manages to win, then we will know for sure that celebrities do not matter. However, we have to remember that fans of a given celebrity want to make their idol happy — so if Bieber or Kim Kardashian tell them to go vote somewhere, there’s a chance that they will even if they have never watched the show in their lifetime. Therefore, we have votes coming from nowhere — something that is not exactly fair to the contestants who try hard.

Unfortunately, this article is more of the observational nature, since really the only way that you could actually keep this from happening outside of telling every celebrity out there not to do it (which is pretty much impossible). Really, it is going to be an issue of will — do celebrity endorsements really mean more than anything? We are going to find out soon — and if Juliet happens to finish behind everyone else, the answer could very well be “yes.”

Do you think that celebrity endorsements on talent shows with a public vote are fair? Be sure to respond in our poll below!

Photo: NBC

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