‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: The Loveable Rogues, Molly Rainford shine

Who stood out?

Is everyone else loving the “Britain’s Got Talent” live shows? There may not be a week of television we love more from across the pond. It’s silly, it’s over-the-top, and the judges (especially David Walliams) are some of the best on TV.

Before we waste any more time … let’s get to the performances (which actually were probably the weakest of any live shows so far).

The Zimmers – “Britain’s Got Talent” has used somewhat-talented children for years to try and draw viewers, and now they have moved into the realm of doing the same exact thing to senior citizens.

On one level, we love the fact that the Zimmers are brave enough to go out on stage and do their thing. On the other hand, it’s hard to completely love to vote for something that we would barely be able to watch this in a “watch Grandma perform” way.

Area 51 – We’re pretty surprised that this group is able to get away with this name, but more than anything we were happy to see this sci-fi group in action after they were barely shown off at all during the audition.

If you thought that this act did need more robots, you were probably pleased by all the ‘bots that are out there on the stage. It was almost like watching a video game — it was awesome visually, and we’d far prefer this than any generic singers or dancers.

Ashley Elliott – At times, we hate it when the judges have buzzers. While xylophone playing is not the sort of thing that is going to get anyone the grand prize at the end of all this, the judges are the ones who put him through — so why buzz him when he goes on stage and does a great job?

Really, what we liked about Ashley is that he did not let the beatdown from the judges get to him — instead, he had fun and did the best job that he could considering the circumstances.

Molly Rainford – After hearing Drew Ryniewicz slay “It Must Have Been Love” on “The X Factor” here in America last year, we were nervous about Molly performing this — but this was pretty spectacular.

We are generally pretty cynical about young singers, but she could actually make it not only to the final, but have a chance at taking home the grand prize.

Lucky – This is one of the strangest acts we’ve ever seen. Not only did we see this woman play the piano with her legs over her head, but yet use her feet in order to serve herself tea.

We don’t think there is any way in the world that Lucky advances to the next round, but she is one of the perfect example of what we love about this show — there is so much variety — and you really don’t know what you are going to get.

The Loveable Rogues – We love this group and their bad spelling — they’re fun, talented, and bring a musical style that isn’t present on the show already.

If we did have a major criticism for this group, though, it is that their original song did not show off much of their voices at all — though it was rather catchy and the lyrics were incredibly clever and timely.

Honey Shazad – This was just awkward. She’s not a bad singer, but she is far too nervous for this stage, and she just doesn’t look comfortable. In that sense, she reminds us of Jamie Pugh from a few seasons ago — but it doesn’t make us want to vote for her.

Twist & Pulse Dance Company – When Twist & Pulse were on the show a couple of years ago, they were entertaining because they were wacky, innovative, and different from everything else that we had seen.

The issue with this group? It’s just that dance crews are far less interesting than dance duos. Outside of a brief interlude set to “The Lion King,” there wasn’t much here that we found original. (Of course, the judges vehemently disagreed with us.)

Dennis Egel – Dressed like some sort of golden bird warrior, Dennis came on stage and showed a terrific knack for being a stellar performer. There’s no one willing to wear what he does on stage!

Unfortunately, that may be the best thing we can say about Dennis’ performance, as he is regrettably not as great of a singer as we would like to say that he is.

Who was your favorite of this live show? You can check out our results review here!

Photo: ITV


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