‘Survivor: One World’ finale week: Kim, Colton, and All-Star possibilities

Who could we see again?

As we do with every season of “Survivor,” we are going to have special coverage of the show all week leading up to the finale Sunday — and this time around, we are focusing on who out of these castaways have the best chance at actually returning to play the game.

There are some people here (Michael, Nina, etc.) who were so unexciting in the “One World” game that we’re not going to even both listing them here — however, there are still plenty of candidates worth talking about now that we are at a far enough point in the season that it really doesn’t matter what happens from here on out.

Distant possiblities

Colton – Yes, he did control the game for the first few weeks — and he also may be one of the most-despised castaways ever. However, he didn’t even make the merge (even if this was due to an injury), and Jeff Probst has also said that he doesn’t think they can bring someone like Colton back due to his behavior.

Jonas – We see Jonas in a way like David Murphy on “Redemption Island” — he was a good character who, due to being on the wrong side of an alliance, went out before his time. Jonas was actually a pretty funny guy and a cool character, and we would love to see him back.

Kat – If the show wants a dose of hyperactivity on a future season, Kat is the way to go. She clearly has a passion for the game, and it seems that she would be a less impulsive player now that she has had some time to reflect.

Likely to be considered

Alicia – She is outspoken, and has a pretty reasonable strategy for playing the game — doing what she can to stay alive no matter what. You also need people who are going to cause some drama.

Chelsea – While Chelsea is not necessarily someone who is a huge strategist, she is likable and a strong competitor — and with that, she could replace Natalie White as the Southern girl most likely to play this game again in the future.

Tarzan – Could the game be afoot again? We could see Tarzan on a shortlist for a future season based on personality alone, but older castaways traditionally have a harder time at getting asked back for future seasons. (Plus, we will have to compete against Phillip Sheppard for the token “eccentric guy” of the season.)

Sure things

Troyzan – He’s loud, competitive, and polarizing to the people who play with him. In other words, he is the sort of player that producers love.

Kim – One of the strongest female players ever, both physically and in terms of strategy. We don’t know if there has ever been such a lock for a person to be asked back for a future season — at least not since Russell after “Samoa.”

Who do you think are the most-likely candidates to return to the game next season, and who do you personally want to see again? Check back Wednesday night for a full review of the next new episode.

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