‘Make It or Break It’ recap: Was Lauren’s surgery successful?

What happened this week?

This week on “Make It or Break It,” there were all sorts of revelations as we near the (incredibly sad) series finale — some people inched closer to their Olympic dreams, whereas others are likely going to see them slowly fall out of reach thanks to the actions of others.

Lauren – After it looked at first like her dreams were going to be put off forever thanks to a heart ailment, she managed (with Payson’s help) to have the special surgery that could put her back on the mat sooner rather than later.

The bad news here, though, is that there is still a recovery process that she is going through — however, the good news here is that she has Jake (and Otis’ magic head) to help her out and encourage her every step of the way. (Granted, we still don’t really know how Lauren really feels about Jake…)

Payson – Payson was facing some sad news of her own in that she was going to be the lead-off performer at the Olympics — otherwise known as the person who sets the standard that everyone else will likely beat. (It’s like “American Idol” saving their best performances for last.) However, she wasn’t willing to settle for just that without a fight.

After losing her virginity to Rigo last week, the two came up with some rather intensive routines in order to take her to the next level.

Kaylie – For Kaylie, this was not an easy week by any means. Not only is she still trying to get over what happened between her and Austin, but she had to deal with the negative side of being a top performer — everyone wants to take you down a few notches. Wendy (or “Wicked Wendy,” as prefer to call her) decided to spike a smoothie with some banned substances, and this could mean a failed drug test is on the horizon.

Jordan – As tough as what happened to Kaylie is, it fails to compare with Jordan’s story this week. A coach from her past arrived on the scene this week, and it served as an explanation as to why she and Kaylie’s friendship hit a rough patch at one point in their lives.

This coach was secretly abusing Jordan in a physical way, and now seems to be well on her way to doing the same thing to Wendy — the scene at the end of the episode was her way of acting out against the rage, and after she did it the truth finally came out.

What did you think about this episode, and who do you think is at the highest risk at the moment of falling short of their goal?

Photo: ABC Family

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