‘Once Upon a Time’ finale preview: Can Emma fix [spoiler]?

Will Emma figure out her role?

The season finale for “Once Upon a Time” is almost here, and we can say at least this — Emma looks to finally be understanding what she means to the town of Storybrooke.

We have seen quite a few hints concerning the storyline for the episode already, and the preview below proves that Emma is going to fight Regina over what happened to Henry — though in the process, she may learn that Regina actually does care for the child to some extent. (Being that she’s already lost the only man she ever truly loved, could a different kind of love shine through here?)

Back in the fairytale world that was, all-out war is going to break out following the revelation of Snow White eating the poisoned apple, and everyone is going to be fighting the Evil Queen in a quest to bring peace to the world. If nothing else, this may provide some greater context when it comes to how some of these characters ended up in the position that they were in at the time of the pilot.

Finally, here are a few assorted spoilers:

-Emilie de Ravin should be back in some shape or form — as is another high-profile guest star from this season.

-At some point, expect to see Emma and Regina actually working together.

-As the preview below shows, things are not going to be going well for August — who could be losing his “real boy” status by the end of the episode.

-Considering that Giancarlo Esposito has a new pilot on NBC, we would be stunned of Sidney did not get some sort of resolution in this episode, outside of him being locked away in prison.

What do you want to see happen during the finale?

Photo: ABC

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