Fox’s ‘New Girl’ finale preview: Can Jess convince Nick to stay?

What will come of this?

It’s all coming down to this — on Tuesday night’s season finale for “New Girl,” Zooey Deschanel’s Jess is going to face one of the biggest challenges yet when it comes to her roommates. Can she actually convince Nick to stick around the apartment rather than moving in Caroline — a woman with a proven track record of breaking his heart?

While she is going to be more than desperate to try and convince Nick to stay (even to the point of throwing her car keys off a cliff — as evidenced in a video below that also features a rather epic Winston meltdown), the other guys are going to take a little bit of a different approach in allowing him to leave. Why? They are probably of the mind that the more they harass Nick about the decision that he is making, the more he will want to run to Caroline. It’s the tired-and-true rule of love in that you want the forbidden fruit. As a matter of fact, Winston and Schmidt are going to use his absence as a way to fix some of the problems around the apartment that Nick doesn’t want to pay for — including the plumbing and some other odd repairs.

Based on the look and behavior of Nick’s “replacement” at the apartment, we have a feeling that he will not be gone for long. We just hope that at some point along the way, he starts to realize that Jess may have more feelings for her than she has even figured out herself as of yet.

Do you want to see Nick and Jess get together in the finale, or do you at this point think it is still a little too soon?

Photo: Fox

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