‘2 Broke Girls’ finale review: Where are Max and Caroline now?

Season 1 is now over.

If the finale for “2 Broke Girls” Monday night was really all about seeing how far Max and Caroline have come since the premiere, we had a pretty simple answer — not far at all. The ladies have saved up some money for their cupcake business, and during this hour-long episode they did at least gig a compliment from Martha Stewart on their treat. Unfortunately, that’s really it.

We get why this show has been a target of so much criticism by the media. The characters are stereotypical at times, unrealistic, and almost every other joke is vulgar and/or at the expense of cool people. However, remember this — the show delivers almost three time the ratings of a “Community” or “30 Rock.” People love it, and there’s a pretty simple reason why — it’s escapism. You can miss a few episodes, come back, and you’re welcomed right back into the family. The jokes may be obvious at times, and not every one of them necessarily hits — but you’re not waiting around too long for another one to come along.

The real reason most of the media hates “Broke Girls” is because they are ironically the same people that Max hates so passionately on the show — they are into their little niche programs and often out of touch what the actual viewing public. Like “Two and a Half Men,” this is made for fans of the old-school sitcom and people coming home from a hard day of work who just want to turn off their brain for a few hours.

With this sort of perspective, it’s hard to (despite its issues with Oleg and Han) say anything outside of that season 1 of this show was a pretty uproarious success. Beth Behrs has become an instant star in our mind, and Kat Dennings has finally arrived at a point now where she receives some of the attention she deserves. There are also some genuinely funny moments, even though the show does need to work on trying to keep every episode from being so predictable. The joy of a sitcom, after all, is taking in a surprise with the audience in the studio.

Did you like the first season of the show overall, and are you already looking forward to the fall?

Photo: CBS

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