‘Dancing with the Stars’ review: Derek Hough angers Len with choreography

Who was the best?

Dancing with the Stars” this week was even more intense than usual — with the air of double-elimination in the air, everyone had to up their game. Did they? We now have our full impressions of the entire performances from the night.

The second dances during the show were particularly special, especially since there were two pros joining the celebrities on stage rather than just one.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd

First dance (Tango) – At this point, we really feel bad for Donald. No matter what he really tries to bring to the table, he just can’t seem to get the perfect score from Len Goodman. The problem this time? It was in his shoulders. Score: 27/30

Second dance (jive, with Karina Smirnoff) – In what may otherwise known as the happiest moment fo Donald’s life, he had the opportunity to do a fun, energetic dance with two pros that actually deserved a perfect score. Score: 28/30

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough

First dance (Viennese waltz) – A lovely dance, even if there was not much actual content in the performance as a whole. Len was the only one who actually had a problem with this issue, and if nothing else, Maria’s tears proved that she is not as tough as she seems. Score: 28/30

Second dance (samba, with Henry Byalikov of the troupe) – Technically, this Bollywood-themed routine was hardly a samba at all. It was a blast to watch, but Maria wasn’t perfect with some of her moves — and Len simply was angry that they veered so far off course thematically. Score: 25/30

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

First dance (foxtrot) – Who else liked seeing Maks dressed up as a nerd? We know that Melissa is not a perfect dancer at this point, but what was special about this performance to us was seeing how much more comfortable as an entertainer she has become — heck, it was almost enough to calm Maks down after the editing butchered him in the rehearsal package. Score: 24/30

Second dance (samba, with a double-dose of Chmerkovskiy) – As a twist, these trios are a blast — it’s something that we haven’t seen on the show before, and it was really just nice to see Maks and his brother work together to make this routine into something special. Score: 27/30

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas

First dance (Viennese waltz) – We admit that we are actually a little bit nervous for Katherine at this point. This dance was not perfect, and based on her strong competition it’s hard to tell whether or not she could be danger during the double-elimination. Score: 26/30

Second dance (with Tristan MacManus) – We will gladly take Tristan wherever we can on the show, even though we may actually think that this dance was a little overscored. It never really seemed to take off, even though the spy theme was pretty cool to watch — and the scores did make us less nervous about her fate. Score: 29/30

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower

First dance (foxtrot) – If you are wondering why the judges kept Roshon around for the past two weeks, this is why — the kid can dance! This was a pitch-perfect foxtrot set up perfectly by Chelsie — who realizes that he needed something that was cute rather than fiery and intense at this point. Score: 29/30

Second dance (paso doble, with Sasha Farber of the troupe) – This dance was a little unusual. It was the first trio where the star was joined by a pro of the same gender (though not the last), but Roshon and Sasha managed to make it work — even if it wasn’t necessarily spectacular. Score: 27/30

William Levy and Cheryl Burke

First dance (foxtrot) – We admit that there have been times this season when we have not completely bought into what William brings to the dance floor compared to the others. However, this was not one of those times. Not only was this dance classy and slick, but it felt almost as though there were two professionals out there. Score: 30/30

Second dance (paso doble, with Tony Dovolani) – William does a pretty mean Zorro — we will give him that. As for the rest of the dance, it was a solid interpretation of a paso — and it sadly is one of the few times Tony has seen this point in the competition lately. Score: 27/30

What was your favorite dance from the show, and do you worry that Derek’s audacity when it comes to his choreography may actually hurt his and Maria’s chances?

Photo: ABC

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