Fox’s ‘House’ review: The Wilson cliffhanger for the ages

The mystery remains.

By now, it’s certainly understandable that you would want to know whether or not Wilson on “House” is going to live or succumb to cancer. We get it, too. However, David Shore and company have decided to play a rather cruel trick on us instead by making us sweat it out for one more week as we near the May 22 series finale.

The good news? While we did not necessarily get the sort of definitive answers we were hoping for, this episode did contain a substantial (and welcome) amount of House / Wilson bonding including one of the most strangely endearing diner scenes we have ever seen. Hugh Laurie recently said that few shows these days really explore the concept of male friendship on any sort of real level, and they are doing so here. Wilson is just trying to live with as much reckless abandon as possible considering the circumstances, and House is merely trying to keep up while handling his own feelings on the matter.

Although we are more curious about the fate of Robert Sean Leonard’s character more than anything else, we would be remiss to write an entire article about this show and not even mention that Jesse Spencer’s Chase has made the decision to leave Princeton-Plainsboro. While this was somewhat surprising in itself considering how many episodes are actually left for the show, what we were even more stunned to see was that it was a patient — one who, as a former doctor, felt as though Chase was undeserving — that actually caused this decision to be made in the end. Now, we just want to know if we have witnessed the character’s swan song, or if there is truly more to come.

What’s your opinion — do you think the final two episodes of “House” are going to be better or worse if Wilson gets to survive?

Photo: Fox

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