ABC’s ‘Castle’ finale review: Castle and Beckett go off a ledge

Another step closer?

Monday night’s season finale of “Castle” was four seasons in the making, and it’s fair to say after watching it that the lives for many of our characters are no longer going to be quite the same.

The entire episode was themed from the beginning around the issue of Captain Montgomery’s shooting, in particular the connection between this incident and what happened to Beckett’s mom. There was a feeling of unease throughout the entire process, though much of the reason for that had to do with the general unease caused by Castle keeping a certain secret from his partner. (Yes, the same one who tried to invite her over to a geek movie party to console him after his daughter’s graduation.)

The confrontation between the two about Castle’s role in keeping Beckett away from the case ended up being one of the most fascinating of this whole series — never have we seen so much love mixed with so much rage. Unfortunately, the entire revelation that her life was at risk did not even remotely deter her from the investigation, and it was at this point that Nathan Fillion’s character realized that he no longer wanted any part of this at all. With this, Beckett embarked on her solo mission to try and figure out how she wanted to take down an enemy that she didn’t even fully understand — and ultimately, we arrived at the scene at the start of the episode with Beckett hanging on for dear life on the edge of a building (even though we don’t know why she didn’t just shift herself over to the ladder), and someone ended up being her knight in shining armor — but it was not who she was expecting.

This rogue action by Beckett ended up costing her the badge and her gun, and the saddest part of it all is that she still doesn’t know the person responsible for what happened with her mother. The good news? There was still hope for her romance with Castle. She showed up at his house after an evening of moping in the rain, and they had the kiss that just about everyone has been waiting (forever) for. Oh, and they did more than just kiss…

This moment actually was not even the end of the episode — instead, we had yet another yet another shocker concerning the case of the hour. Did you see it coming? If nothing else, Castle is going to feel like a fool at some point in the near future.

What do you think about the way in which season 4 came to an end, and are you happy Castle and Beckett finally seem to be together?

Photo: ABC

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