‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Jonathan Antoine, Four Corners shine

The second live show airs Monday.

The second “Britain’s Got Talent” live show aired on Monday — and overall, it was every bit as camp as you would expect from it.

There were some genuinely great acts over the course of the show — but if we are honest, it has to be said that one of the reasons this show succeeds is that we see everything from karate to “bears” dressed up as cowboys.

Cascade – For whatever reason, these martial-arts groups never work as well in real life as they do on the big screen — mostly because it’s too obvious that there are some bad guys getting thrown around like rag dolls.

With that being said, these guys were at least exciting — they had a nice theme to their performance, and it was pretty much electric from beginning to end.

Paige Turley – Really, Simon Cowell was right on the nose here. Was the song choice a problem? Yes and no. “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars is an emotionally powerful ballad, and it is at least something current and not from the 1960s songbook from “American Idol.”

The issue was that the arrangement here had no buildup at all, and it failed to give Paige any chance to build momentum during a song. It was ultimately just dull, and failed to be much of a lasting impression.

Charisma Crew – In between this and Cascade, we are officially over dance crews. There was nothing about this group that was original in any way, and we’ve seen just about all of these moves done somewhere else (and better) over the course of the past several years.

Of course, the judges didn’t seem to agree outside for Simon — who thought that the head dancer Tim really didn’t have any business being a part of the crew. The best part of the routine? When Tim tried to get Simon to dance against him on stage.

The Showbears – It’s probably not fair to blast someone who is genuinely talented and cheer for some people who are really just camp filler for the show — but let’s do it, anyway!

There’s no hope for the Showbears to possibly advance or even have a career after the show, but they are just so much fun, and they also provide something different to the show despite just the standard singers / dancers that we typically see.

Fish on Percussion – We liked this guy better when he was just Michael Fish. There’s no denying that he is one of the most-talented percussionists we have seen on any talent show, but you have to do more than just sit behind your colorful drums and play.

The real thing that Fish needed to do in order to bring it to the next level is to bang on some other stuff — run around like a madman with trashcans and other random things a la the Blue Man Group.

Graham Blackledge – Picture in your head the site of Graham — with his horribly-designed organ and voice that is on par with a drunken cruise ship performer — performing in front of the Queen.

The good news for Graham that he is rather funny and seems like a pretty cool guy, but the bad news is that he’s not meant to be in front of people performing in the slightest.

Kai and Natalia – We talk a good bit about song choice in the context of singers, but it is also important for dancers. After all, the wrong track can completely and totally sink the performance from what it could have been.

This really happened this week with Kat and Natalia. The song choice of Jet’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl?” didn’t suit the jive at all, and the choreography also didn’t match the music. (Then again, Alesha Dixon is the expert here — and she really enjoyed it.)

Four Corners – Forget what we said earlier about dance crews. This group is something special, and has an actual shot at moving on to the final round.

What makes them so special? It really has to do with the entire feel of the group. It’s almost as though you are watching a pop superstar perform on stage — and even though the female lead here’s not singing, she’s still a better performer than most pop superstars. It’s almost cinematic.

Jonathan and Charlotte – Opera is one of those things that you either love or hate, but this was almost about as good as opera can get in two minutes. While we wish there was more of an emotional climax in the piece, the two voices have never sounded better.

The best news here is that unlike her first audition, Charlotte really did a better job of hanging in there with her vocal partner. Jonathan and Charlotte could win this show — and with a set of talent like this, they could be stars for years to come.

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Photo: ITV


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