‘The Vampire Diaries’ finale preview: Is Elena choosing [spoiler]?

Is Matt even a choice?

The Vampire Diaries” finale is coming up, and there is one question that everyone wants to know an answer to at this very moment — who is Elena going to choose? We don’t have a firm answer for this just yet, but we can at least say that Stefan is working as hard as he can to have an inside track.

In the video below, Elena is engaging in a conversation about the Salvatore brothers with someone who also has a bit of a romantic history with her, as well — Matt. The conservation is stuffed full of the same sort of uncertainty we have heard from her for much of the past season — mostly that she has deep feelings for both of the boys, and she isn’t sure just who is the right person for her to ultimately choose since the other one will inevitably be upset.

However, at the very end of this clip Elena seems especially comforted to see Stefan into the room. Does that mean that she picks him? Maybe, but not necessarily. Really, there are four different options that are present for Nina Dobrev’s character during the finale:

1. She picks Stefan, and hurts Damon.

2. She picks Damon, and hurts Stefan.

3. She picks Matt, and hurts Rebekah (who has seemingly formed some feelings there). Heck, she may even surprise Matt in the process.

4. She picks no one, and then calls Sookie Stackhouse from “True Blood” for advice as to what to do next.

What do you think that Elena should do?

Photo: The CW

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