Should advertisers be worried about ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Howard Stern?

There is drama already.

We are still a week away from the season premiere of “America’s Got Talent,” and yet we are still seeing plenty of controversy regarding whether or not Howard Stern is actually going to be a suitable judge for the show. Howard himself has already said that he is going to bring a gentler persona to the family show than he does to radio, but that is still not deterring family groups from speaking out.

According to TMZ, watchdog group Parents Television Council has already fired off a letter to multiple advertisers for the NBC series, encouraging them to spend their money elsewhere over Stern’s history of crude, nasty remarks — citing some comments he has made in the past about “American Idol” and some other shows.

Does the council (who have been vocal about a number of other shows in the past) have a right to be so upset? Sure, but at the same time it seems unlikely that advertisers will pull out of a product without watching it first. NBC also knows what their target audience is for “Talent” already, and they are likely not going to let Howard come on board the show and start cursing up a storm.

Do you think people are freaking out about Howard’s “Talent” gig a bit prematurely?

Photo: NBC

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