Fox’s ‘House’ preview: Wilson forces House on a road trip

The show is nearly over.

As we get ever closer to the series finale of “House” in two weeks, we are going to see the relationship between House and Wilson play out in some fun, tragic, and rather unexpected ways.

What we do like about Monday night’s “Post Mortem” based on everything that we have seen is that it highlights some more of the humor between these two characters rather than just fear and self-pity over the recent cancer diagnosis to Robert Sean Leonard’s character. Wilson is going to more or less force House to accompany him on a road trip out of fear of him getting drugged, and this is going to lead to Wilson doing just about everything that he wants to do whenever he wants to do it — which also seems to include him trying to each an enormous steak in under an hour.

The psychological element of what Wilson is going through seems to be the most fascinating. He already seems to have moved on to the fifth stage of grief in acceptance, and is going to live with reckless abandon for as long as he is still alive. We still worry that he is not going to make it past the finale, but at least the show is giving us plenty of content to be excited about.

Of course, we are hoping that this episode is not just going to be one of those tricks where House is imagining doing all of these with Wilson, when in reality he is no longer alive. (The fact that Wilson does talk to the waitress at the diner gives us hope that this isn’t going to happen — after all, we already saw this on “Scrubs” and this past season of “Dexter.”)

What do you want to see happen this week?

Photo: Fox

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