‘Game of Thrones’ review: When Starks fall in … love?

Robb's heart: getting in the way?

It’s hard to really understand the concept of “love” on a show like “Game of Thrones.” So many couples witness tragedy in the blink of an eye, and others simply fool around with other people to the point where they are hardly together.

It’s ultimately so rare that personal feelings actually mean anything on this show that when they do start to form, it is remarkable and worthy of discussion. Robb Stark this week started to truly fall for Lady Talisa as much as someone trying to command an army can, but there is still a problem — he has been promised to someone else, and a man so steeped in honor is unlikely to break that promise.

Meanwhile, Robb’s half-brother Jon Snow started to at least form the beginning of feelings this week for Ygritte, a Wilding who is helping in a bizarre way to keep him alive — despite him holding a sword over her head moments prior. What Jon ultimately does realize at the moment is that unless his ranger pals find him, he could be relying on Ygritte for a good, long while — and this sort of bonding time can certainly bring people together.

Away from the romantic front, some other characters were getting themselves into plenty of trouble:

Arya – Despite only being in Harrenhal for a short period of time, Arya Stark has managed to already nearly used up the three lives promised to her — with the newest one coming courtesy of a man about to tell Tywin Lannister her secret.

Joffrey – How does the wickedest king of all respond to getting hit in the face with a cowpie? By starting a mass brawl in the streets! We wonder how he is so oblivious as to why his own subjects hate him so. Watching Tyrion slap in the face may be one of our favorite moments of the season — in particular since Tyrion seems to be the only person in Joffrey’s head.

Theon – For some reason or another, Theon thought it a great idea to take his men and conquer Winterfell, despite the issue of him really having no plot of his own for what to do next. Yes, he asserted his power a little bit, but he also allowed a certain something else to get to his head when Bran managed to escape the city.

Dany – It’s a hard time to be the Mother of Dragons at the moment. No matter how powerful you may be, someone wants to tear you down — and for the rightful heir to the iron throne (at least per her estimation), she suffered courtesy of her people being ruthlessly slaughtered by an unknown. The only mystery remaining? Where in the world Jory is, since we didn’t see his body on the ground.

Who do you think could have better luck with love moving forward this season — Robb Stark or Jon Snow?

Photo: HBO

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