AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: Revelations, secrets, and Linden’s warning

What was revealed?

On Sunday night’s new episode of “The Killing,” we saw something that we have been waiting to see frankly most of the season — substantial progress when it comes to Rosie Larsen.

Did we necessarily have a new suspect? No, but we were clued in that a few people had something to hide — in particular the casino owner Nicole, who gave some not-so-subtle threats to Linden when it came to an Indian burial ground that she was led to. Back at the actual casino, Holder was finding himself in handcuffs from the tribal police after he decided to do some investigating on the tenth floor — a site that was still under construction. Did we get any closer to finding who is behind the crime? Not really, but the mystery of Rosie’s backpack and where it came from is starting to become a little bit clearer. (It’s also becoming clear that multiple people here are hiding something important.)

As fascinating as the casino investigation was, much of the attention this week was centered back around the politics of Richmond, who tired to diminish the issue of his health at a press conference while stressing how important solving Rosie’s case was to him. Stan was actually convinced to make an appearance, but he took advantage of the opportunity to really say something that many of us have been thinking for some time rather than get into politics — the media seems far more focused on Rosie the story than Rosie the story. That was ultimately all he really contributed to the conference, but it may have been one of the more poignant Stan moments yet. (Meanwhile, Billy Campbell remains one of TV’s criminally-underrated stars.)

While it’s understandable that the controversy surrounding season 1 caused many people to bail on this show, it’s a shame since “The Killing” is finally starting to hit its stride. Even though this story contained all of the above in addition to Linden having to deal with Child Protective Services, it felt as though ever moment was treated properly rather than being rushed — in addition, we were brought back down the right path after a few episodes that felt as though the wheels were being spun, but yet we weren’t really going anywhere at all.

What did you think about this episode, and do you think that the casino is going to end up holding more secrets in regards to Rosie Larsen?

Photo: AMC

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