‘Harry’s Law’ review: Little D drama — and a kiss

There was a shooting this week.

This week on “Harry’s Law,” we had a blast from Harry’s past — and also a decision by Kathy Bates’ character to actually revisit a case that she once wanted to avoid.

So what exactly happened? We saw the return of Little D this week, who is now in jail over his shooting of a police officer. The issue? Malcolm told her that there was more than meets the eye when it came to the case. Little D was actually firing in self-defense after doing a job at the request of the cop (in burning down a building that was sitting on potential government property) that had a rather unexpected end.

In taking on the case, though, there was an immediate challenge — trying to convince the judge that there was actually enough evidence to bring this case back up. The only change was that the councilman who originally hired the cop to find someone to burn the building was coming clean — and due to that, Little D remained behind bars. The good news? The prosecution at least agreed to work with her in some capacity, which means that moving forward there may actually be some movement when it comes to this case.

As for the other story this episode, Phoebe hired Adam yet again to help with a case of a man named Tony, who was in danger of being sent back to England over an art heist. The two ended up getting the client off due to his contributions to a local community … but was really more significant here was that Phoebe finally revealed that she was bringing Adam on board for cases so much for something other than his expertise. It’s hard to say where this kiss will lead — but a kiss is still a kiss.

What did you think about this episode as a whole?

Photo: NBC

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