‘Once Upon a Time’ review: Someone gets a poisoned apple

Success for Snow White?

In many ways, the best thing you can proclaim about Sunday night’s new episode of “Once Upon a Time” is that it was a stepping stone rather than an individual story. Everything happened this week is set to carry over in a big way to next week’s show, and the question is just how everything we saw this week will play into the season finale.

For now, we set the stage — in the fairytale world that was, Snow White tried to orchestrate a fight against the Evil Queen by recruiting as many friends as she could against her so that she could rescue Prince Charming (which was a rather nice twist on the story). Our observations:

1. We weren’t quite sure the fairies accomplished outside of distracting everyone with their pretty colors.

2. When Snow White saw Prince Charming within a picture frame after her entire “siege the castle” mission, wouldn’t be great if he said “I’m sorry, but your prince is in another castle?” a la “Super Mario”?

Ultimately, the only thing Snow got out of this was a chance to negotiate with the Evil Queen, and it led to a parlay. The problem? Snow didn’t realize that the Queen would be bringing with her a secret weapon in a poisoned apple. She actually told Ginnifer Goodwin’s character about its side effect first, only to eat it instead as a way to save Prince Charming’s life.

In flash-forwarding to the world of Storybrooke, the Queen ended up finding her apple yet again — but this time thanks to the help of Sebastian Stan’s Jefferson, who is not only still alive but was able to re-open the gate to the other world long enough to get out the same apple. Regina handed the apple over to Emma, the target of her rage now as she stands between her, Henry, and the entire town’s future.

Unfortunately, what Regina didn’t realize was that someone else could end up being the one to eat the apple that she baked into a turnover. Henry, in a desperate move to prove to her just what she was planning, ate the treat and promptly passed out. With that, it’s safe to say that Emma may now finally believe in what exactly is going on behind the scenes here.

At the end of the day, this episode was largely one of exposition — there wasn’t much that really happened until the final ten minutes, but it did at least help to set the stage for a rather intense season finale that will hopefully answer some (if not all) of the questions

Photo: ABC

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