NBC’s ‘The Voice’ notes: Adam Levine, Tony Lucca, and Justin Bieber

The finale starts Monday.

As we near the beginning of “The Voice” finale Monday night, we have a few notes to share about what is going on behind the scenes — at this time around, we are focusing almost entirely on Team Adam Levine.

Adam responds to the haters – First and foremost, Adam is apparently rather upset about the public’s treatment of Tony Lucca — who some are claiming is only in the finale over Katrina Parker due to some sort of favoritism on the Maroon 5 frontman’s part.

What’s Adam’s response? Basically, that anyone who wants to be angry about Lucca being a part of the competition needs to sit back and re-think what is in their head. In a new post on Twitter, Adam had the following to say:

“Ouch. Seeing a lot of petty, negative, insensitive, and unintelligent behavior concerning @Luccadoes. Keep it up! It only makes us stronger”

Lucca’s preparation – So how exactly is Lucca going to respond to some of this negativity? We know that he is going to both perform a solo number on the show along with a performance with Adam and possible some other members of his team — and we also know now some of his own preparation.

Lucca revealed on Twitter this weekend that strings are going to be involved in a performance, and that he is “beyond blessed” and “ever so grateful” to still be around in the competition. For those thinking that Parker was really more popular, remember that Tony went at the start of the show, and may have seen a drop in his voting this past week due to that.

Justin Bieber? – In case you forgot, the 18-year old singer is set to give his first live performance of “Boyfriend” on the show Tuesday, and the singer is making it clear that he is already in rehearsals.

While it’s strange to be thinking about Bieber in the context of this show, remember that his voice (no pun intended) is larger than any coach on the show. His endorsement of Adam Levine (who he shares a mutual friend with in Kenny Hamilton) helped Javier Colon last year, and if he does the same thing this time around Tony could benefit.

What are you predicting will happen this week?

Photo: NBC

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