‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: The Mend, Ashleigh & Pudsey rule live show

The live shows are here!

The “Britain’s Got Talent” live shows are here! Is there a reality show more intense than this one? By the time next week rolls around, we are actually to know the winner for this entire season — and on Sunday night, nine contestants are going to become two.

Before we start our discussion of the contestants, can we say how much we love Ant and Dec? These guys are not only the best duo we have ever seen on a reality show, but they may be better hosts (or presenters, as they are called in Britain) than anyone in live TV.

Zipparah Tafari – He was hilarious the first time … and he was almost hilarious the second time. The problem with “Zippy” is that he did the same exact “where my keys, where me phone?” bit all the first time — heck, at least DJ Talent added something new to his ridiculous performance the second time around.

We have to give some credit here to Simon Cowell — thanks to him putting the guy on the show at the very beginning, he’s going to be buried in the voting.

The Jive Aces – We now know that the Jive Aces’ entire catalog consists of a medley of songs from “The Jungle Book.” What a disappointment this was — do we really need to watch the acts perform the same songs multiple times on the show?

Before the show, we thought they were contenders — now, we’re merely bored with them.

Lauren Thalia – Lauren immediately reminds us of Miranda Cosgrove’s character in “The School of Rock” — except less snobby and more rock-oriented. She’s incredibly ambitious, and we liked the fact that she was totally comfortable being on stage despite her being so young.

We do have to add this — was anyone else afraid that she was going to fall off the box at some point?

United We Stand – We admit we’re probably the harshest critic of dance crews on this show ever, mostly because we’ve seen so many of them that it doesn’t really win us over much unless it is truly incredible.

With that, we were pretty “meh” about this routine overall. We actually really liked the “Romeo & Juliet” theme behind the performance, but the actual choreography, costuming, and even execution all fell short.

Analiza Ching – Musicians on “BGT” are tough — do these people really have a chance of winning? If you are going to win this show with just one instrument, you have to be beyond fantastic.

It’s still going to be tough Analiza to win a competition with just a violin, but this performance of “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters was pretty fantastic. This is a deceptively tough song, and she rocked out all of the notes while sporting an incredibly stylish blue violin.

The Mend – We’re still trying to figure out whether or not we love these guys or not. When they started their mash-up with “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight,” we were a kid on Christmas morning — but somewhere during this, the performance became a little less exciting.

Part of the problem here may be that even though they are incredibly commercial, we really don’t think their personalities are as distinct as they could be.

Rachel Knowland – This is the sort of singer that is easy to root for. She’s a mom trying to make her dream come true, and to show her children that they shouldn’t give up on any of their own dreams.

On the flip side, the difficult thing about Rachel’s performance was that there was nothing new to it at all. Rachel sang well, but she didn’t really do anything that made the performance her own. In other words, we could hear some variation on this anywhere.

Ashleigh and Pudsey – Introducing Simon Cowell’s favorite act! This may actually be one of the best acts of the entire competition, and it is already the best dog act we have ever seen on this show.

What makes this act work is that it doesn’t seem like it is the owner forcing the dog to do anything; rather, the two seem to be perfectly in tune with each other, and are both important to the act being successful.

Only Boys Aloud – The Welsh vocal group is one of the largest acts that we have ever seen on a talent show, and it is the sort of thing that can fall apart quickly if someone is off.

While this performance was fantastic, it really is not something that could become an international sensation like The Mend or Ashleigh and Pudsey could be. If you love choirs, you’ll love it — otherwise, there’s nothing here with crossover appeal.

Who was your favorite from the show? Check back, as we will post the results as soon as they are available. (Update: You can now check out the results here!)

Photo: ITV


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