‘The Voice’ UK results: Did Vince Kidd, Hannah Berney survive?

Who is still around?

For the first time on Sunday night’s edition of “The Voice” UK, Jessie J and Danny O’Donaughue had to make some difficult decisions live when it came to their teams. Do you keep performers who you think are risky, or ones that are a safe bet to do well later on?

Over the course of the (refreshingly) brief results show, we got all the answers we needed. Thankfully, the British public at least made some better choices than what we saw last week.

The safe artists (in no particular order!)

Team Jessie

Cassius Henry – He covered one of Britain’s most-popular bands in Coldplay, and he did a great job. No surprise here.

Becky Hill – We were worried that outside of her massive microphone cord, she was going to be forgotten. As we’ve learned now, this clearly didn’t happen.

Vince Kidd – Vince certainly deserved this. After all, his take on “Always On My Mind” was the best of the entire show Saturday.

Team Danny

Bo Bruce – While singers who start the show are often in trouble, singers who close the show have an advantage — and Bo’s emotional story (coupled with her own stellar performance) clearly connected with voters.

Aleks Josh – Who doesn’t love a good crooner? Now, we just have to see Aleks shake it up a little bit.

David Julien – Britain officially digs the curly hair as much as Tom Jones does.

The decisions

Jessie – We still don’t like that neither Toni Warne or Ruth-Ann St. Luce got a chance to sing for their lives as the American contestants do, but the choice to us was pretty easy — Toni is the far better singer, but was cursed with going first on the show. Jessie picked Toni to save, and it hardly comes as a shock.

Danny – For Danny, the decision was a bit more complicated. Max Milner and Hannah Berney are both good artists, and we probably would have put either of them through over David. His decision? Ultimately, it seems as though he was going for someone who also suffered from going earlier in the show — Max. We are somewhat surprised to see Hannah leave, mostly because she actually stood out more as a performer than Max did.

What did you think about the decisions made by the coaches and Britain this week?

Photo: BBC One

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