NBC’s ‘Smash’ preview: ‘Bombshell’ moves forward, relationships scatter

The drama continues.

If there is one criticism that we have with “Smash” as a show at the moment, it’s that everyone seems to hook up with everyone else — even to the point where almost every long-term relationship has to be marred with someone cheating on someone else. This culminates with the shocker that will play out on Monday night’s new episode — Dev and Ivy hopping into bed after a drunken night of partying.

For now, it’s still unclear just what Karen is going to do about this, mostly because she is going to be dealing with a crisis involving Rebecca and someone who has also been romantically entangled to Ivy at some point — Derek. This scene between Katharine McPhee and Uma Thurman is surely going to make fans of the Derek / Karen relationship at least smile with delight.

The second sneak peek for the episode unfortunately does not give us much in the way of context about the story — rather, it is simply a brief performance of Rebecca as Marilyn performing in front of an audience. Basically, we are getting near the Broadway version of a test screen to see how well the show plays in front of an audience.

Finally, Julia is going to continue to try and handle the fact that Michael is now back on board the musical yet again, and this is with the realization that one wrong move at this point could mean the end of her marriage and her family as she knows it. Is she going to resist temptation this time around? For the sake of a family on the brink, we hope so.

Photo: NBC

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