‘2 Broke Girls’ finale preview: Enter Martha Stewart

Uh oh.

On Monday night, “2 Broke Girls” is going to end its freshman run on CBS with an episode very much themed around one subject — Max and Caroline trying their hardest to make their cupcake dreams into a reality.

What’s the plan? It’s really rather simple — find a way to get into a high-fashion gala in Manhattan, and then bring to Martha Stewart one of her trademark treats. If they can impress one of the biggest home living moguls on the planet, their business could skyrocket.

The problem? Unfortunately, Caroline breaks one of the most important rules of gossip — never talk about someone at a public event before knowing whether or not they are in the bathroom with you. She proceeds in the video below to rank about how tough Martha is in a stall, and Max joins in at first — that is, before Stewart heads towards one of the sinks. From there, it becomes a game of how fast she can shut up her roommate before she torpedoes any hope that they are going to get somewhere with their already-ruined cupcake.

While “Broke Girls” has been the target of criticism for a good part of the season over some of its characters, it has improved for much of the spring in giving everyone in the ensemble multiple layers — in addition to that, it’s hard to argue against the show’s success as the top new comedy of the entire season. No one produces sitcom hits like CBS, and this is going to be a series that likely sticks around for a long time.

What do you think is going to happen during Monday’s finale?

Photo: CBS

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