ABC’s ‘Castle’ finale preview: Beckett faces the [spoiler]

No more secrets.

It’s been a long time coming, but on Monday night’s season finale for “Castle” the other shoe is going to drop when it comes to what secret Rick has been keeping from the woman that he loves all season long — he has not given up on the case of Beckett’s mother, and realizes just how dangerous her involvement truly is.

Before we even get into that, however, let’s start by looking at an emotional (but less dangerous) story — Alexis graduating from high school. The emotions from this are causing our beloved writer to become both nostalgic and lonely — and this even leads to him asking Beckett on a pseudo-date to watch movies while he sulks about losing his little girl. (It’s not exactly the most romantic idea ever, but oh well.)

Once we actually get into the eat of the case, the situation is set up as being the following — a thief went after some of the files held by the late Captain Montgomery, and this person in the process ended up being killed. Considering how Montgomery was shot — coupled with the fact that he was hot on the trail of Beckett’s mom’s case — the connections here are starting to pile up.

We also are going to see Montgomery’s widow making a return appearance, as well.

The problem for the entire precinct is that they all realize that Beckett getting involved in this case is going to very much put her own life at risk, and it poses a very interesting question — how do they explain it to her without coming across as deceptive? It’s true that they have kept some major secrets from her, even though their intentions were not malicious in any way.

Finally, we go back to the term we used earlier in this article about the other shoe dropping. For Beckett, she uses this phrase when it comes to her being attacked — however, what she doesn’t realize is that while she was keeping her memory of Castle telling her “I love you” a secret, Castle was harboring one of his own.

While at first Nathan Fillion is going to try and reassure her that the theft and her mother’s case may not be involved, the truth does start to unravel — and what comes as a result of Castle finally revealing his secret is going to shake up the foundation of this show.

Check back Monday night for a full look at the finale. What do you want to see happen?

Photo: ABC

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