NBC’s ‘The Voice’ rankings: Juliet Simms, Chris Mann square off in finale

Who is going to win?

We are just days before the season 2 finale of “The Voice,” and the field has been narrowed to four sings with a genuine chance of walking home with the grand prize.

So who will win? There are still so many factors that play into this — whether it be placement during the show or even celebrity endorsements — but in our final ranking of the season, we’re going to do our best to take a stab at it.

4. Jermaine Paul (Team Blake Shelton)– What Jermaine has going for him is that he is soulful, can sing just about any genre, and has a large fanbase thanks in part to his former employee in Alicia Keys. Just ask Javier Colon about how much some famous connections helped him last year.

On the flip side, Jermaine has probably been the most inconsistent perform during the season. He’s never really had a genuine “wow” moment on stage, and there are times that he comes across as a bit too intense.

3. Tony Lucca (Team Adam Levine) – We all know that Lucca is pretty great at what he does — and he also is easily the most famous out of the remaining contestants. He’s got a longtime connection with fellow former Mousketeer Justin Timberlake, and his cover of Britney Spears’ “…Baby One More Time” is one of the standout moments of the season.

The big issue for Tony? We don’t know if he’s refreshing enough as artist to make any sort of an impact, and his range vocally is not the same as the top two artists. With this being said, one tweet from Justin Bieber (who helped Adam last year) could send Tony all the way to the promised land.

2. Chris Mann (Team Christina Aguilera) – While we’ve seen opera done on “America’s Got Talent,” Chris is the first singer with that sort of classical training to be on any of the major singing competitions. With that in mind, he’s certainly got a natural advantage in that his talent is unique — and it’s also rather spectacular.

If Chris has anything working against him, it’s simply that all of the buzz right now is surrounding Juliet Simms — and despite some devoted fans, he is going to need a knockout performance to overtake her.

1. Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo Green) – What is interesting about “The Voice” is that this is really the first time that any of the singers have been competing with each other for America’s votes, so there’s no way of telling whether or not someone is really more popular than anyone else. Juliet is actually the only one of these contestants to have ever sang for her life on the show, so from that standpoint you could say she’s on some shakier ground. However, she also happened to be on the toughest team on the show with a guy in Jamar Rogers who may actually be better than either Jermaine or Tony.

We’re basing this ranking based mostly on past performances and buzz online, so with that just about everything suggests that the competition’s only woman will be the one standing at the end of the day.

Who do you think is going to win this season? Be sure to answer in our poll below!

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