‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Gatis Kandis, Ryan O’Shaughnessy debates

There were some standouts.

We arrived Saturday at the final “Britian’s Got Talent” audition show — and to the credit of Simon Cowell and company, the good news here is that there was still some good talent worth checking out.

While we’re going to ignore some of the ridiculous acts that still made it through — such as the man with the pot on his head, here are the successful

Aquabatique – Someone has made synchronized swimming into a Vegas-style act! The most interesting part of this act is how these ladies managed to do their routine out in the cold, and in pouring rain.

Honey Shazad – A decent singer, but nothing to necessarily write home about.

Lucky – One of the strangest acts we have ever seen. A woman who kicked herself in the head while she also sang. It’s the sort of combination that only this show can have.

Area 51 – We wish we actually saw more of whatever this performance group was actually doing on stage, since it reminded us a little bit Fighting Gravity.

Michael Fish – He came, he drummed, he conquered.

Craig the Laser Harp Guy – We love how this guy basically combined video games in music — and while it was one of the nerdiest things we’ve ever seen, sometimes being nerdy can be incredibly cool.

Brynolf and Jjung – Finally, there was a magic act worth seeing on this show! What was especially admirable here is that they did not try to do some sort of elaborate stunt with fancy machines; instead, they performed a simple card trick that was so creative it fooled Simon Cowell into buzzing at first.

Like Mother Like Daughter – One of the strangest collaborations between a parent and child that we have seen, mostly because we’re not sure why they were both on the show. The mom was like the woman on “Toddlers & Tiaras” who forces her kid to be in a pageant that they don’t want anything to do with. Strangely, we actually think the daughter was the more talented one of the two.

Gatis Kandis – We close this show with an act that we never saw coming — a comedian who was so bad that he was actually quite funny. We really don’t know if the same sort of charm will be there once we already know what to expect, but for now it was very enjoyable.

At the end of the show, Simon Cowell announced the acts who are heading to the live shows — which will be airing all throughout the next week. Who are some of the lucky folks? They include the likes of the guy with the pot on his head, the “lose my keys, lose my phone” singer, the Showbears, Area 51, Jonathan Antoine, and Aquabatique.

However, there was a bit of controversy with one act — songwriter Ryan O’Shaughnessy, who could not contractually advance after he made a decision to ditch another show (the Irish version of “The Voice”) in order to appear here. Now, he doesn’t seemingly have a show at all … or does he? Stay tuned, as this is not over.

Who was your favorite from this episode?

Photo: ITV

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