‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ preview: Aubrey O’Day and modeling mayhem

What is Aubrey going to be up to?

We are near the finale for “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and by the end of Sunday night’s new episode we have to prepare for five contestants to ultimately become four … or even three. (At some point, John Rich and Marlee Matlin are going to come back to help Trump figure out who his finalists should be — a tradition that goes back to the very beginning of his “Celebrity” franchise.)

The task here is going to be rather simple — creating a picture campaign for a line of hair dryers. Think this is going to be drama-free? Think again. Project Managers Teresa Giudice and Lisa Lampanelli are going to be at odds when it comes to the models that they want, and it causes Teresa to be at a major disadvantage she she does not hold her ground on having too many men in front of the camera.

However, Teresa does find herself a major advantage later — using one of her own team members in Aubrey O’Day as a hair model. With this being said, we’re actually amazed that anyone can feel as good about themselves as Aubrey does. If we could bottle that and give it to everyone, we would have more freakishly ambitious people than we would know what do with. Could this sort of passion get her into the finale? It’s possible — but while we know how polarizing she can be, there’s no questioning that this season would be dull without her.

At the moment, the two people who really seem to be in the most jeopardy here are Teresa and Arsenio Hall (at least based on the criticism that he doesn’t actually do enough for his team).

Would you ever be as excited to be a model as Aubrey is during this preview clip, and who do you think could be going home?

Photo: NBC

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