‘The Amazing Race 20’ finale preview: Do Brendon & Rachel have a chance?

Can they win?

On Sunday night’s season finale for “The Amazing Race,” we are going to see a two-hour spectacular where only one team out of the remaining four will walk away with the title. Teams will be first traveling to Japan, competing in some hilarious challenges (at least based on the promo below), and then taking off to Hawaii for what should be a contentious final leg (which comes after the last elimination of the season).

So who’s in the best shot of actually winning this race? The fact that someone seemingly makes a mistake on their way to the finish line throws a wrench into everything, but we are going to rank the final four teams based on the following criteria — history, editing, and the odds that the team actually makes it to the final leg:

1. Rachel & Dave – While they can be combative, they also have won the majority of the legs this season. We can see them having a sort of “redemption edit” (at least after Rachel tells her man to “shut the f— up” in the promo) as they near the finish line, and be the sort of middle-of-the-road winner that the “Race” usually has. (In other words, the favorite on this show very rarely actually wins.)

2. Brendon & Rachel – They’ve never one a leg, but yet these two have received more of a likable edit than we expected them to considering how polarizing they were on “Big Brother.” Have they had their share of meltdowns? Sure, but no one can deny their competitive spirit, or the fact that they would at least be memorable winners. If one of the more dominant teams makes the aforementioned mistake, they could squeak out a win.

3. Art & JJ – We know that the “Race” has not always had winners that everyone loved (think season 3), but usually the editors make sure that there are least some redeeming qualities. The problem for Art & JJ is that outside of giving Mark & Bopper some of their money after winning a leg, they haven’t really done anything to make people cheer for them — and their decision-making at times has led to them falling behind and playing atch-up in recent weeks.

4. Vanessa & Ralph – We would be absolutely stunned if these two won, and surprised if they even make it to the finale. They have placed on average lower than the other three teams, and there is also a history of in-fighting here. With that being said, we would love to see Vanessa face off against “Brenchel” in the finale for drama alone.

Who do you think is going to win this season, and are you rooting for anyone in particular?

Photo: CBS

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