‘Glee’ music preview: Heather Morris, Naya Rivera snag prom solos

Who's prehistoric?

For the second straight week, “Glee” on Tuesday night is going to focus more on the story rather than some of the music, but that doesn’t mean that the show is lacking when it comes to some fun performances themed around one of the biggest moments in the life of every high school student.

Considering that the title of the episode is “Prom-A-Saurus,” the first song on the list should not come as a surprise at all. From there, things get a bit more interesting.

“Dinosaur,” Heather Morris – Does Heather do a fantastic Ke$ha impression? Definitely. As for originality here, though, this song is pretty much identical to its original version.

This is one of those performances that we are at a disadvantage with when it comes to just hearing the audio. Heather’s Brittany S. Pearce is such a fun and dynamic performer that not getting to see her dance around in some sort of over-the-top prehistoric outfit takes away from what should ultimately be a pretty good time.

“Love You Like a Love Song,” Naya Rivera – It totally makes sense on every level for the show to cover this song. Selena Gomez is big star right now (especially with the show’s young demographic), and this song has been all over the charts.

Musically, it’s pretty similar to the Brittany song above in that Naya’s Santana sings pretty much the same arrangement as the original artist — but part of the fun here is going to be hearing it sang to Brittany on the actual show.

“What Makes You Beautiful,” Chord Overstreet, Harry Shum Jr., Kevin McHale, Samuel Larsen, and Damian McGinty – We’ve already seen One Direction fans trashing this song online, and we get it — the British boy band sings it better, and no one can compare.

With that being said, we actually think that this is our favorite performance of the episode. It gives Rory a chance to sing for the first time in weeks, and it’s just fun to hear this combination of voices together. Of course, it is ironic in a way that two freshmen and a junior are performing at a senior prom.

“Take My Breath Away,” Naya Rivera and Dianna Agron – This is certainly one of the songs that we are interested in finding out the context for. Is this just a random prom performance, or something more? We can see Naya performing this song for Brittany, but despite the hints at a Quinn / Joe pairing the two are not even officially together.

This song could have used a modern update musically, though — it feels pretty dated from the opening vocals.

“Big Girls Don’t Cry,” Lea Michele, Darren Criss, and Chris Colfer – We’re also a bit unsure about this song in terms of how these three are the ones singing it — though outside of that, we certainly understand the meaning behind it.

Expect “Big Girls” to be the sort of senior goodbye song in the vein of what we are going to hear over the course of the next several weeks — as for the benefit for the audience, it’s recent enough for most viewers to remember when it first came out.

Which one of these songs is your favorite for the episode? Stay tuned — we’ll have some video previews for the episode on Sunday!

Photo: Fox

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