‘Dancing with the Stars’ week 8 rankings: William Levy reclaims #1

Back on top.

After a tight race for the #1 spot last week on our “Dancing with the Stars” rankings, the rise of a new favorite in the scores has caused all sorts of new problems. Will a surging Maria Menounos take votes away from Katherine Jenkins? It’s possible, and this is what has led to us having a male dancer once again at the top of our list.

6. Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower (last week: #7) – You may argue that Melissa Gilbert is a worse dancer than Roshon, and you’d probably be right — but the truth here is that Roshon is only still in the competition thanks to the judges, and he’s at a point where he needs 30s week in and week out to stay alive.

5. Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy (last week: #6) – Sooner or later, Melissa and Maks are going to see their Cinderella story end — but if voting patterns hold, they won’t be the next out. Considering all of the injuries and the conspiracy theories about the judges, a fifth-place finish for these two really isn’t that bad. (As one of our comments points out, it is a double-elimination — so their fifth-place finish could come as soon as this week.)

4. Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd (last week: #3) – As great of a personality as Donald is, he’s struggling to get over that hump to leap into “perfect” territory. It’s been longer since he’s had a standout performance than any of the three before him, and we’re also unsure about his fan support outside of Green Bay.

3. Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas (last week: #1) – It’s tough to be Katherine at this point. While we still believe she is the best technical dancer out there, she also still has some weaknesses when it comes to some of the racier dances. We try to judge in part based on the most-recent performance, and when you consider that many women often vote for men, the ladies have a tough time when there are multiple competitors for the public to choose from. (In other words, we’re concerned about a split vote between Katherine and Maria.)

2. Maria Menounos and Derek Hough (last week: #4) – Considering that Derek managed to get Nicole Scherzinger enough votes to win her season, he can easily do the same for the far more likable Maria. The biggest issue here is that neither Katherine nor Maria have the sort of passionate following that our #1 dancer has…

1. William Levy and Cheryl Burke (last week: #2) – Just the reaction to our rankings last week showed us how popular William truly is among his fans, and you can’t discount that sort of support.

In terms of dancing, William does not always draw the best scores — but he does bring such an energy to the floor that we are already getting the sort of vibes from his that we got with such past winners as Hines Ward and J.R. Martinez. Even when they weren’t on the top of the leaderboard, they still had charisma — and with the way in which he has been introduced to America on this show, he is going to be one tough dragon for the others to slay.

Who is your #1? As always, we want to hear from you! Share your comments in the box below and be sure to respond to our poll.

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