‘The Big Bang Theory’ review: Raj gets lost in love-themed episode

Where was Raj?

It’s rare that we see an episode of “The Big Bang Theory” where one of the four main characters is almost completely absent from the story, but that is completely what happened Thursday night. Outside of a brief scene featuring him trying on tuxedos, we probably saw less of Raj during this half-hour than we have in pretty much anything that the show has ever done.

With that being said (and as much as we feel that Kunal Nayyar’s character needs to the same sort of attention that Leonard, Sheldon, and Howard all receive), there were still some great moments during this episode, which revolved really around the three couples:

Howard / Bernadette – Howard was actually relieved at first to hear that his shuttle launch was getting canceled, mostly because he didn’t want to risk his life for any reason in space. However, this feeling of relief didn’t last long, as his launch was bumped up to the same weekend as his wedding.

The end result here was Howard basically trying to convince everyone that he didn’t have to take part in his launch, but both Bernadette and her father convinced him to go through with it.

Leonard / Penny – Leonard actually asked Penny to marry him … while doing the nasty just minutes after they agreed to speed their new relationship up a little bit. No one goes from zero to sixty — or sabotages himself — quite like our beloved scientist! They are still together, but don’t expect marriage to be in the cards anytime soon.

Sheldon / Amy – This was probably our favorite story of the night, mostly because it was almost creepy at times to what Amy beg for the affection of our boyfriend just by being overly kind to him. As entertaining as it was to watch, though, it did raise the valuable question as to why Amy is with him. It’s a thought that has crossed our mind many a time with these characters (especially with Bernadette and Howard), but Ms. Farrah Fowler apparently sees something that we don’t.

Do you prefer “Big Bang” when it is more romance-based, or when Raj and all the geeks are utilized in some other capacity?

Photo: CBS

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