‘The Pauly D Project’ review: Pauly goes for charity

Pauly made a kid's wish come true.

Pauly D returned to his home state of Rhode Island last week on “The Pauly D Project” in order to get in a brief break from his time in Las Vegas, and he and his crew managed to cram a good bit in over the course of a few days — including some major movement on the romantic front for a couple of people.

Pauly D – This week, our lead decided to show off his charitable side as he visited a 15-year old who was suffering from┬áleukemia. It was a nice gesture for Pauly to make, even though there wasn’t too much to this story beyond that.

Biggie – With the gang all separated for most of the episode, Biggie opted to focus most of this episode on trying to propose to his girlfriend — who unfortunately kept bringing up wanting a ring so frequently that he wasn’t able to pop the actual question. He didn’t end up making the big move this week, but he did get a little bit annoyed when some of his buddies weren’t as supportive as they could have been.

Jerry – We saw him getting set up for a date last week, and this time around he actually went on it. The good news? It ended up going rather well for him, as he got a brief kiss at the very end. While Pauly was angry at him for not using tongue, he felt that he did the gentlemanly thing, and odds are he is going to get a second date out of this.

Ryan – We really only saw him at the end — and there weren’t any major bar fights for him this time around.

We could be critical here and blast “Pauly” as a show that really fails when it comes to providing the drama or the buzz that “Jersey Shore” does, but it’s not really intended to. Instead, it’s just a breezy 30 minutes that is pure fun — even if it is forgettable and could contain more actual content. At this point, we’re just enjoying it for what it is, and eagerly awaiting season 6 of the actual show that made Pauly a star.

Photo: MTV

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