‘Community’ review: A Chang for the Greendale 7

Where do they go from here?

We have seen some change unfold on “Community” over the years, but there was always one constant that continued to tie the entire gang together — Greendale. They were all a part of the same dysfunctional community college and routinely forced to sit through insufferable classes, deal with a security guard with a child army, and interact with a cross-dressing Dean who mostly just wanted to be Jeff Winger’s best friend (or something more).

However, all of that may be falling apart now courtesy of Chang’s newest plan. Following the tragic death of Starburns last week, a wake for the oddball character ended up becoming a full-on riot against Greendale for allowing so much chaos. Starburns died after stealing lab supplies from his biology class, which in turn led to Michael K. Williams’ Professor Kane resigning. In turn, biology class had to be canceled, and it appears at the moment that everyone will have to make up the credit in the summer. To make matters even more terrible, Greendale needed a fall guy for the riot — or in this case, a fall seven guys. While Dean wanted to sell out Chang for “escalating” the situation, he managed to work out an evil scheme to kidnap the original Dean and plug in a lookalike who was willing to kick Jeff and his buddies to the curb in front of the lamest executive committee ever.

Is this whole story completely bizarre? Definitely, and the off-the-wall nature of the whole ordeal is probably why we love it. Chang is now running the school with a puppet Dean in power, and the “Greendale 7” joyously referenced the alternate timeline episode from earlier this season as they sat together and figured out their future. We don’t know if they even have a plan, but we’re sure they will come up with something (and we don’t rule out the possibility of Abed becoming Batman again in the process). As miserable as this group may be, they need the college and it also needs them .. for something. Maybe it’s to keep Subway from leaving?.

It’s interesting in a way to see how creator Dan Harmon and the writers have written this final arc of the season — while we have seen several experimental episodes, both last week’s “Law & Order” tribute and this installment may be some of the most story-driven yet. It’s remarkable how the show can change gears, and yet make us laugh every step of the way regardless in between jokes (Abed directing a Starburns tribute video) and physical comedy. What makes this show shine so bright is that you can tell there is care put into just about every line — and in return, it actually makes us care that some of these people figure out their futures.

What sort of scheme do you want to see the Greendale 7 come up with to usurp Chang and reclaim the school?

Photo: NBC

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