‘Grey’s Anatomy’ review: Lexie’s gamble, Arizona’s tragedy, and board results

This was an intense episode.

At the beginning of Thursday night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” (told almost entirely in flashbacks), we received some rather distressing news — one of the doctors was going to end up failing the boards. So who was it? The entire episode was structured as a guessing game, as we saw all of the residents struggle as they were interrogated over everything from their techniques to trick questions to even how they would react in impossible situations. Meredith was so sick she was vomiting during the session, Alex was losing his mind after being penalized for showing up late due to him dealing with a sick patient, and Jackson and Avery hooked up (again) at the midway point of the test in a restroom.

So who ended up passing? The answer was everyone other than April — whose religious confession (and openly discussing her exploits in the bathroom) sealed her fate. It was a heartbreaking moment after everything she has been through, and the question now is what she decides to do moving forward. Does she give up? We know that life will never be the same for her, and it’s a pretty gut-wrenching moment.

In addition to the boards, there was also a rather emotional story this episode as we saw Arizona meet up with her childhood friend at Seattle Grace, only to later find out that his cancer diagnosis was far worse than she ever realized. Instead of battling the disease for six months, it had instead been six years — and there was really no way to save him now despite her best efforts. There is no resolution to this story yet, but we can’t see there being a happy ending here. What we don’t understand? Why he didn’t seek treatment sooner rather than hoping for an alternative solution in Tibet.

Of course, we also can’t talk about this episode without mentioning the stunner at the end of the episode — Lexie finally admitting that she was in love with Mark after she learned that he was thinking about starting a family with his new girlfriend. Did Mark decide to be with her? Since it wouldn’t be “Grey’s” without an enormous cliffhanger, that is what we are still waiting to find out — but we have to say we’re hopeful.

What did you think about this excellent episode, and do you think that Mark and Lexie will get together?

Photo: ABC

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